The music of Marcio Bragança is influenced by Blues, Jazz, Soul, Bossa Nova, Pop-Rock and Brazilian Samba.


He has a lot of experience singing in night clubs and dancing parties, his voice has an extension of three octaves. Marcio has a great ability using falsettos, result of the influence of Minas Gerais (a brazilian state) music. At nine years old Marcio took his first steps in the music when he joined a baptist church choir and the choir of the school where he studied. He had his first experience on the stage after participating of a choir contest, with the school choir. His group was the winner and they was chosen to sing in the ECO-92 solemnity, at Botafogo Beach (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). That event was broadcasted worldwide. He started to sing as a professional at 1994 in night clubs of Rio de Janeiro simultaneously with his short but outstanding career of catholic gospel singer. In the year 2000, he started studying in the Villa-Lobos Music School where he concluded his studies in 2002. In 2003, Marcio joined a entrepreneurship program created by Shell Company called "Iniciativa Jovem" (Young initiative) and his music project won the "SELO EMPREENDEDOR SUSTENTÁVEL" (SUSTAINABLE ENTREPRENEUR SEAL), certification considered by UNESCO.


He was the director of the "Movimento Musical OutrosSim", created in 1997 by Jorge Vercillo and Marcelo Miranda, notorious songwriters from Brazil.


He was a member of "Centro Municipal de Referência da Música Carioca Artur da Távola", one of the most important cultural centers of Rio de Janeiro, in 2011.


He is the Music Curator of the "Corujão da Poesia – Universo da Leitura", one of the most important events of music and poetry in Latin America. The great brazilian artist, Jorge Ben Jor, is one of the idealizers.


He is a member of "Clube Caiubi de Compositores", a group of songwriters that brings together several winners of music festivals in Brazil.


He is a member of "SOPA-RJ (Somos Produção Autoral)", a group that brings together several brazilian songwriters of the new music scene.


As an artist with multiple faces, Marcio Bragança is an actor, poet, cronist and comedian. As a comedian, Marcio is well-known by the imitations of great brazilian celebrities like Maria Bethânia (singer), Tim Maia (singer), Sílvio Santos (TV presenter), among others, in addition to having his own characters. Marcio has in his discography only one album, called "Odisseia", released in 2010, with a very ecletic repertoire.